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🌛Find a comfortable place to sit or lay. Close your eyes.⁣

🌜Start by noticing your breathe. Is it shallow? Deepen it by imagining you are drawing oxygen in from the top of your head, and allowing it flow down your body, arms, chest, stomach, hips and legs. On your exhale, make an audible sound that feels comfortable to you – I like to use the sound “om,” or “ahh,” but you can use any sound that you connect with.⁣

🌛Take three deep breathes using this technique, then allow your breathe to normalize.⁣

🌜Scan your body slowly with your mind, starting with your feet. Are there are any places of resistance, tension or discomfort? Focus your attention there, and repeat this mantra in your mind or out loud:⁣⁣

“I embrace and honor this phase of my life. I surrender to this phase of my life. I release this phase of my life. I am grateful for this phase of my life.”⁣⁣

🌛Exhale after each mantra with the same sound you connected with in the beginning breathing exercise.⁣

🌜Once you have scanned your entire body, and “cleared” any points of tension with your mantra, take one last inhale, imagining the oxygen is coming in through the top of your head and channeling through your entire body, and exhale using your sound once more. If you need a few more breathes here, take them. ⁣⁣

This is a great meditation for processing, digesting, and embracing whatever phase you might be going through. They’re all beautiful. ⁣⁣

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