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Summer solstice is a time to celebrate: everything is in full bloom, the energy is living and vibrant, and the new season of summer is here.

Today, we honored this new summer solstice with a sun salutation ritual. It included 108 Sun Salutation’s.

In yoga, sun salutations are a sequence of yoga poses strung together in a consistent pattern of movement.  Here is a step-by-step guide of how to do one Sun Salutation.

This sequence heats the body, activates our breathe (or prana) to create energy, and helps to move energy and stuck emotions.  

why 108?  

108 is a sacred and significant number. 

It appears in ancient texts and yoga traditions

The number 108 equals 9 in numerology (which symbolize universal love and awakening). 

In astronomy, the number 108 appears over and over again, connecting the sun, moon and the earth.

And mala bead bracelets + necklaces have 108 beads (you count these during meditation, somewhat similar to using a rosary in prayer). 

108 sun salutations

108 of these bad boys is no small feat, but it allows the body to move a LOT of energy, allowing you to surrender, release + honor this new season, and re-center to shift to a more positive and grounded place.  

Surrender.  Release.  Honor.

Do a couple of your own today to celebrate our new season!


Looking for a community or class to celebrate Summer Solstice? Here are a few we found!

Solstice in Times Square | Times Square NYC

Summer Solstice at Sweatstar Yoga | Southern California

International Yoga Day | Boston Mass.

Summer Solstice Festival | Northern California

International Yoga Day Summer Solstice Workshop | Miami Florida

Summer Solstice Celebration | Phoenix, Arizona

International Day of Yoga | Seattle, WA

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