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new month

I’m not sure how we arrived at our mid-year marker, but alas, here we are – JULY!

I’m also not sure about all you, but I am feeling pretty freaking excited to say farewell to the first half of 2019: it has been a humbling, challenging and emotional year so far!

new moon

Along with our six month marker, July 2, 2019 also marks a very special kind of “new moon.”

A “new moon,” simply means the phase of the moon when the sun is invisible by the Earth. This phase happens once every four weeks.

But, today, we also have the addition of a rare total solar eclipse – this is the only TOTAL solar eclipse of 2019.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust explains, “Solar eclipses are very potent new moons in which the moon blocks the sun’s light from shining on the earth. During a regular new moon, also called a dark moon, we cannot see light on earth because the moon is aligned with the sun, blocking the moon from being visible. In an eclipse, it’s the same situation, but longer.”

This particular new moon and total solar eclipse will be “an emotionally intense luminary that serves as a wonderful release of frustrations within,” Stardust says. It falls in Cancer, one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. “Cardinal signs, such as Cancer, are ‘doers.’ They are the initiators of the zodiac,” Stardust explains. “Cancer, in particular, is a water sign that is ruled by the moon, which means it’s emotional — but likes to keep going and flowing as fast as the moon changes signs (every 2.5 days) and the waves crash. The moon controls the tides, so Cancer really has a hold on our bodily reactions because we are mostly made of water.”

This information is quoted from here (read for more information)!

In addition, 5 planets are currently retrograde, Mercury is supposed to go retrograde in a few days, AND the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is July 16th, as is the Full Moon.

So basically, there is some crazy awesome stuff going on!

In honor of the all of the above, I spent the last week of June refocusing and re-centering in gratitude.

Gratitude isn’t a stranger; if you have spent any time with Chris and me, you probably know that we have a daily practice of gratitude at the end of each day, share the following with each other: three things we are grateful for, one thing we learned, one thing that made us laugh, and one person we loved.

But for the days leading up to this new moon, I decided to embark on a more public display of gratitude, taking time each day to write out my gratitude and share it with my social network.

It was incredible to be more intentional with this practice, but even moreso, to get to hear from a lot of you with your gratitude.

why gratitude?

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness (depending on the context). In some ways gratitude encompasses all of these meanings.

Gratitude quite literally changes your brain.

It also:

1. Opens the door to more relationships.

2. Improves physical health

3. Improves psychological health.

4. Enhances empathy and reduces aggression.

5. Grateful people sleep better.

6. Improves self-esteem.

7. Increases mental strength.

This new month, new moon, solar eclipse, retrograde + full moon madness is all about discovering our self worth; approaching ourselves with love and taking a deep dive into our internal place of inspiration. It is time to focus less on the chatter of others, and more on our internal invisible place of love.

And what better way to do that then by taking time each and every day to express the things I am most grateful for, what I learned, why I laughed and who I loved. It was a game changer for sure.

If you haven’t exercised a regular gratitude practice, I highly recommend it! Having trouble getting started? Check this out for more tips on incorporating gratitude into your daily practice!

new mantra

I am feeling lighter and more positive this week as a result of all that gratitude!

But I am also feeling drawn to a new mantra to focus on with this shift in energy.

I personally find that journaling this mantra every morning, focusing on it during my meditation, and repeating it with some extra breathe work once every hour, is a game changer when it comes to drawing in whatever sentiment you choose to focus on.

My July Mantra: I am grateful for the love I give + receive freely. I trust and honor my journey.

new meditation

If you prefer to say the things you’re grateful for to yourself, give this little two minute gratitude meditation a go.

I promise you – a daily gratitude practice will change you in some incredible ways.

A Gratitude Meditation

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