day 1 >>> day 21…and 79 more to go!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I disagree.

It takes 21 days to get your mind to a place where it stops questioning the “new” thing you are doing. It takes 21 days to test out what works, what doesn’t, and to get into a good routine with the “new” thing you are doing. It takes 21 days to go ALL in and to learn what it feels like to be committed. But it takes a lot longer than 21 days to form a habit.

I think we tend to jump in to something thinking that after 21 days, a habit will be built and impenetrable. But more often than not, come day 21, we are off the “wagon,” and back to our old ways.

Now, don’t get me wrong: 21 days is a GREAT place to start! And sometimes it takes 21 days to figure out what your strategy will be for the long term.

But we need to start thinking past just 21 days…think bigger.

Enter the 21/90 Rule.

The 2190 rule is this:

1. Set a goal – determine what is you want to accomplish. It could something personal or business related. Write it, and the steps you plan to take, down so that you have something in writing to review each day.

2. Find a strategy – a strategy could be: a marketing plan, lifestyle change, etc. that will help you accomplish or get closer to your goal. If it’s something that will help promote/grow your business, then identify the tools you need to get the job done.

3. Focus on your goals – commit to going hard for the first 21 days. That’s the first part of the 2190 rule. If you do something for 21 days straight, it then becomes a habit. Commit to doing the task/lifestyle change every day for the next 21 days so that it becomes a habit.

4. Repeat for the next 90 days – Yep, you read that right, 90 DAYS! Anything that we set our minds to do & do it consistently for 90 days then becomes a lifestyle change. Hence, the “2190” rule. 

Last year, I somewhat begrudgingly committed to an 80 day fitness and nutrition program. 80 days felt like forever, but I needed to make a big commitment to myself, in order to get back on track with my health and wellness.

Those 80 days changed me in some incredible ways. Yes, it was challenging. No, I wasn’t inspired and motivated each of those 80 days. But a commitment to myself for a longer period allowed me to learn about myself, my body, my mind, and all the things I was capable of in those 80 days.

This year, I jumped at the opportunity to re-commit to a 100 day fitness and nutrition program. And not because I have fallen off the wagon, but because I now understand the positive changes that can come to a long-term commitment to myself.

Stop playing small. If you need to start with 21 days, cool! But have a plan for after those 21 days are over.

And if you’re ready to commit to 100 days with me…to rock your 21/90…go visit my MM100 post for more details!

P.S. Don’t just take my word for it…check out the incredible transformations these folks had too!

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