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Two years ago today, we sold it all: our house, our cars, our furniture. ⁣⁣
Two years ago today, we decided that we weren’t living our best lives and it was time to make a change.⁣⁣
Two years ago today, we agreed that all the “things” we had weren’t making us happy, and we needed to simplify.⁣⁣
Two years ago today, we never could have imagined we would still be living out of Airbnbs, adventuring all over the world, with no plans to stop. ⁣⁣

What is a Digital Nomad? How and why did we adopt digital nomadism? How can you digital nomad too?

Follow our Favorite Airbnbs + Adventures here.

Happy two year anniversary of the day we became digital nomads!⁣

Stop dreaming, start doing. Your life is waiting.

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