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In case you missed our social media announcement, we are EXPECTING! Baby Dover Coming May 2020!

Many thanks to Shawna Benson Photography for these beauties!

Thank you for all your congrats and excitement! We are SO excited!

We’ve had so many questions about Baby, the logistics of digital nomad-ing while traveling, where we will have Baby Dover, etc., that we decided to do a quick video with the most common inquires! Enjoy!

the below is transcribed from video

Hey guys, Chris and Whitney here.

Yesterday, we announced we are pregnant on social media. We got SO many incredible messages and comments in response (thank you!), and LOTS of questions about Baby Dover and the logistics of everything.

So we posited a question in Instagram stories opening up any and all inquires about #babydovertakesover, and decided to answer all your questions in video!

Is Baby Dover Going to be Born in Montana

We got this question quite a few times, and the answer is negative.

We do love Montana and we spend a lot of time here; but it is cold AF here. And since I’m going to be pregnant through the winter and into the spring, we have decided not to have Baby Dover in Montana. See video for more details on that.

How are you feeling?

I was pretty convinced Baby Dover was trying to kill me from Weeks 7 through 11!! Not only because of the morning sickness (which lasted all freaking day), but also because of the actual sickness, fatigue, not feeling myself, etc. It also happened to be an extremely busy season of travel for us! Chris had the pleasure of getting to see me race to several airport bathrooms over the course of the last few months!

Luckily once I hit Week 12, a lot of my symptoms (and severity) subsided. I am half way through Week 12 now, so hopefully the tides have turned and we will continue this upward trajectory for the rest of the pregnancy.

I did joke with Chris that if Weeks 7 through 11 had continued, this may have been a one and done situation!

Have you had to change your workouts?

Somewhat! This morning, I finished my 100th workout of Morning Meltdown 100. The great thing about majority of the programs I do from home is that you can modify most of the moves within them. So that is just what I have been doing!

The biggest challenge so far has been jumping around: it feels like everything in my stomach is moving all over the place when I jump around! But I have been able to modify that and keep going.

I have also been “lucky:” my morning sickness usually comes midday or in the afternoon, so I have found as long as I get my workout in first thing in the morning, I have been able to get my workout in every day.

I’m planning to continue working out! Working out is part of my routine; its like brushing my teeth! I think I’m going to do another round of the program I just finished. I am familiar with the program now, and know the modifications are do-able, so my plan is to do that until I can’t anymore!


Salty! Specific food cravings have changed every week. It definitely started out with pickles, which has declined dramatically. But the salty/savory has continued.

Normally, I’m a sweets craver, so its been a bit surprising I haven’t been craving more of that.

I’m eating a lot of potatoes and cheese! Unfortunately, I’ve been having a hard time consuming many vegetables, and that is a big staple in my diet, so thats been a bummer! I’m hoping that changes with this second trimester!

Are you finding out the gender?

We already have! We are data driven people, so discovering the gender was always something we were going to do.

We did this along with our early DNA testing. The beauty of getting pregnant in your mid-30’s is that you’re considered “advanced maternal age,” so you get to do all your testing early!

We did our DNA testing to confirm that Baby has no chromosomal issues or metabolic disorders, and along with that, we found out gender! Baby Dover is looking healthy and we haven’t quite decided when we are going to share the gender – stay tuned!

Which city was Baby conceived in?

Every summer, some friends of ours host something called “The Hootenany.” Check out the video for details on what this entails. Summary: lots of alcohol, friends, good times, and summertime in CANADA = Baby Dover Conception.

We understand this is the first Hootenany Baby – thank you to the Grahams! 🙂

Are you settling down or are you going to travel with Baby?

We are still planning to digital nomad pre and post baby…but we reserve the right to change our mind. 🙂

We have been very lucky with prenatal care. We are working with an OBGYN who is very data driven, and has been willing to work with us remotely! This means we have been able to have our ultrasounds, and prenatal testing done from the road, and had video appointments with our OBGYN to review everything.

At some point before Baby, I won’t be able to travel anymore. We are starting to scout out a few possible locations for Baby Dover’s birth over the next few months. We have given ourselves until January to make a decision, set up a home base, and get settled.

Stay tuned, lots of exciting adventures ahead! And there is a very good possibility we are going to have this Baby out of the country, so get your passports ready!

Thank you all so much for your support and excitement! We can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

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